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About Us.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Smart 2 Be is a company where crypto world professionals gathered together to provide premium services for everyone.

Wether you are investor and wishing to participate in crowd funding of new project, or new startup founder and would like to start your ICO campaign - we are here to help you.


Smart2Be is running ICO lists and ICO scoring websites, so the customers would receive most up to date info on startaps, their ideas, founders and further development.


We provide full range of services: scoping the idea, developing whitepaper, website, crypto coin or smart contract. Our web wallet is capable of accepting most of top level crypto currencies and fiat money as well.

Bounty Passport

If you are frequent Bounty participant, you will find our Bounty Control Panel very attractive. One click join, higher benefits for loyal participants, automated tasks running to ease your Bounty work, many moderation Bounty will be available to you.

Bounty Assets Manager

Managing Bounty campaign might be hard task. Our Asset Manager Panel will allow you to keep it simple. One click accept participants, easy to control and report.